Monday, April 9, 2007

Mclaren Hit Back!!!!

History repeats...

If this is the history of things to come...then this season will be the CLOSEST in the history of Formula 1. For the simple reason that Mclaren have come out stronger than ever with the World Champion in the cockpit and a superb rookie assisting him. The 1-2 finish at Sepang was in many ways better than Ferrari's finish at Melbourne. For one, it was Mclaren's first 1-2 since 2005. Which speaks a lot about their roller coaster ride as a team. But not only this, it's the sheer strength and reliability that Mclaren displayed at Sepang that makes things edgy.

Raikkonen admitted that the Ferrari wasn't at its best during the race. And that was shown in the first corner itself when Felippe Massa lost 2 places and also committed a mistake which cost him 2 more.

The stage is set for an epic season in which two young turks will clash to claim the place vacated by a Titan.

May the best driver win!!!

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