Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Read this short poem on Geekhead's blog... here it goes...

Every moment brings something.
It might be a ring.
I know what a ring is.
I just have to defend against the temptation
Of picking it.

Every moment that passes by
Decides whether I will be a success
Or a failure like most of us.

Every moment that I am given
I shall be held responsible for it
A moment or a lifetime later.

Every moment that I spend
Makes the universe conspire,
Either in my favor
Or against me.
-- Alpha0

Inspired me to write something of my own... let's see how i fare...

A moment is but a tiny grain of sand, I feel,
in the vast beach of time.
The waves keep taking it away, never to give it back.
But generously keep adding to it.

And so I believe, that there are many moments that make who you are,
and each moment lived is a step taken in that direction.

And maybe...just maybe, the grains that the waves take so mercilessly away,
turn into pearls in the bosom of an unsuspecting oyster.

Live to be washed away in that wave... Live to be embraced by an oyster...
Live to be a pearl.
And blind the universe with your grandeur.

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